Friday, July 19, 2013


Happy one-year anniversary of me not writing anything on the internet! Belated!

I highly recommend Catherynne Valente's Six-Gun Snow White and Alaya Dawn Johnson's The Summer Prince. I love them. They are rich and thought-provoking and the kind of books that I hug for having said shit that needed saying, but that nobody says.

Also love: LoneStarCon's Hugo ballot format. You log in, and it pops right up on the screen with the vote you've saved earlier. It's designed to make it easy to edit/re-submit your vote; whatever you last saved is what will get submitted at the end of the voting period. I approve. (I made it through the fiction categories, and some of the art, but not all the categories. I still have hopes! No, wait, that's a lie. I have hopes to get through the shorter stuff. Maybe. There's kind of a lot of stuff.)

Also! Speaking of art! I was pleased to see much less objectification of women in all the Hugo packet this year. So that's a happy.

ALSO, more speaking of art: Chris McGrath, you guys. When the first thing you do with somebody's Hugo packet portfolio is squeal in delight and pull one of the pieces straight to your computer wallpaper, that's a sign that you already know who's getting your first-place vote. (I also kind of want to read the associated book, now, so: a sign that the cover is doing its job.)

See you again next year, yo.

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