Monday, December 5, 2011

Once Upon a Winter's Eve, by Tessa Dare

79 cent novella: a pretty good price for a trial on a new-to-me author.

Verdict: I dunno.

I liked the setting; Spindle Cove is a village that young ladies go to on holiday, or wallflowers to hide from society, or others to hide from scandal. I guess there's a whole series of books that this author sets here, and that could be interesting.

But I wasn't impressed by the hero or the premise, which was basically that spy-dude has heard that the love of his life will shortly be sent off to the marriage market, can't bear the idea, and pulls tons of strings so he can abandon his duty temporarily and come back for her. And then he has to be all secretive and shit when he gets there, and is all my seduction: let me show you it, before even admitting he really is the man she thinks he reminds her of. I just find him totally unreasonable. Would it have been so hard to just write a letter now and then?

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