Sunday, January 1, 2012

Heads up: temporarily discounted e-book

In case you're interested - there's a limited-time $2.99 sale on the ebook for Leviathan Wakes, which includes an ARC of The Dragon's Path. (Found through the authors' blog - Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck.)

Some other titles are on sale too, but these two are the ones I was interested in. I hadn't been able to decide what format to buy them in, so I was procrastinating on buying them at all. At $3 for the both of them, I won't feel so bad if I change my mind after reading them and decide I need a print copy too (someday), for archives or for loaning.

The loan restrictions on e-books are the biggest downside to the format, IMO. I'm cool with not putting shit on the internet for the whole world to download, but forbidding me to loan a good book to my best friend is really demanding too much.

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