Sunday, March 18, 2012

Discipline fail

Not even close to the entirety of the to-be-read pile.

While fishing through my wallet for something else entirely, I re-discovered a $100 bill my husband's grandmother gave me for Christmas.

I remembered that I meant to not buy books until just before reading them, but I ceased to care. I also seem to have managed to spend more than my Christmas gift.



  1. Oops!

    "but I ceased to care"

    Funny, what money does to people.

  2. Cash, in particular. If it had been a check, I would have had to go to the bank, and then it would be in the pool of Be-Responsible money, and I would have thought twice. But cash is like: OMG spend me!

    But then again, a Christmas present was never meant as Be-Responsible money. So I'm sure it was for the best.

  3. Plus, you got a blog post out of it. And when you do that reading, more. And really, what else matters?